How to create lead magnets & grow your business with it?

I did my first webinar with over 100 people, and it was amazing ✨

Here's how it went ↓

So, I was actually really nervous before it, as I always am. :')

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But the community that Aiza Coronado🦉💌 has created is full of great energy and awesome people.

After I ended my talk, we opened the floor for everyone to ask questions. They were all so nice, welcoming, and interactive.


I could see the energy in the Zoom chat with lots of words of encouragement.

One participant even said, 'After going through this session, I think I will be able to launch my lead magnet by this weekend using Typedd'.

This was huge for me & it made my day. 🥲

Thank you Aiza Coronado🦉💌 for the opportunity. Hoping we do this again soon!

In case you're wondering what the webinar was about. I will upload the deck here

Create Lead Magnets Like Pro For Your Business

One of the best way to grow your business is through lead magnets. Build valuable resources, give them away for free and build an audience.

Create Lead Magnets Like Pro For Your Business

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