Best reason to work from coworking space

This is the best reason to work from an incubation center/~~coworking~~ space! πŸ‘‡

You get access to many talented people with different skills set, all in one place under one roof. You'll meet engineers, founders, designers, videographers, mentors, and more!

It's up to you to make the most of this opportunity. You need to make friends here. 🀝

Tell them how you can be of their help. Find your coding friend, designer friend, founder friend etc. For e.g.

"Whenever I get stuck on a coding problem, I just go downstairs and chat with my coding friend Syed Muhammad Haris Habib. We have a good laugh about it and then we sit down together to figure it out."

"When I'm not sure how my design looks, I sneak up to people's desks and ask, 'Hey, what do you think of this masterpiece?'" This more powerful & valuable to me than anything. ✨

I also want to build something in future that puts all the skilled people under one roof.

Not sure how it gonna be possible but it's one of my dream. πŸ₯²

Incase you're wondering we work from National Incubation Center Karachi and I am truly grateful to be here. #coworking #incubation #startups #entrepreneurship

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